Reset, Realign & Reignite Your Life

Discover the potential benefits of this sacred plant,

Scientific research studies show that even just one of Iboga’s alkaloids, Ibogaine, has impressive benefits. From war veterans and recovering addicts to busy moms and burnt out employees, many are benefitting from these new discoveries. The Iboga root contains Ibogaine and at least 29 more alkaloids, and hundreds of powerful testimonials supporting its outstanding benefits. Some of these reported benefits include:

  • Feel & look rejuvenated
  • Physical strength & endurance
  • Helps heal brain injuries & concussions
  • Full-body cellular detox
  • Boosts fertility & libido
  • Drug detox without withdrawals
  • Balances PH
  • Decalcification of pineal gland
  • Helps alleviate conditions such as: Parkinson’s, Autoimmune disease, Vaccine injury, Candida, Muscular Tension, Erectile Dysfunction, & more.
  • Rewires & creates new neuropathways
  • Release of negative thoughts & addictions
  • Helps heal past traumas & PTSD
  • Promotes clarity & peace of mind
  • Helps alleviate conditions such as: Anxiety, Depression, Anhedonia, BPD, OCD, Bipolar, Phobias, Psychosis, & Schizophrenia and more
  • Increase emotional strength & security
  • Grounding & centering
  • Sense of inner peace
  • Release unhealthy attachments
  • Interrupt vicious cycles & negative feedback loops
  • Helps with self-understanding, acceptance & love
  • Discovering underlying causes leads to lasting emotional freedom
  • Assists in self-discovery
  • Spiritual cleansing & healing
  • Ancestral healing
  • Communicate with departed loved ones
  • Release unhealthy energetic ties
  • Third eye opening
  • Grounding in truth
  • Life review learning Communicate with your Soul
  • Reconnect to your joy & purpose
Every journey is unique and you may experience some or more of the benefits mentioned above.
An Opportunity for Self-Discovery

All Inclusive Iboga
Psycho - Spiritual Retreats

Our 10 day all-inclusive Iboga healing retreats are designed to support a powerful healing experience and self-discovery. Through sacred candlelit ceremonies that tap into this incredible plant medicine’s natural intelligence, we facilitate the personal healing journey in a comfortable and safe space.

This all-inclusive package includes everything from airport pick up/drop off, to meals, accommodation, nature tours and intuitive healing massage.

Personal Stories from Iboga Experiences

Meet Brannon, who previously was a young athlete, and who turned to Iboga as a last resort. His powerful testimony describes how Iboga saved his life, cured his depression and anxiety, healed his concussions, as well as helped him connect with his soul and fully love himself. He realized what an incredible person he is, and was able to get rid of his thoughts and addictions that were not serving him, thus allowing him to live his best life! Amazing transformation in just 7 days!