Kimberly Swinson

"It has been the most amazing, beautiful, perfect experience I could have ever imagined!" "I wanted to be the highest version of myself; I know this Iboga is helping me to do that" "I feel completely new! More calm, relaxed, present and just peaceful, than I ever felt in my life" "Now I can tell you, I would pay twice as much as what I had to pay." "This is the Divine conscious healing!"

Kimberly had done quite a lot of self development, both physically and spiritually, before she arrived was strong and fit. What could Iboga offer to someone who is already doing great? A must watch!


“I was suffering from intense panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and severe depression and anxiety. I had lost control of my mind”

“When I was at my lowest point ever, Iboga came in and was able to turn my life around; “plenty of people that will call these experiences crazy and write them off, and that’s ok because three weeks ago... I would have done the same!"

Deanna Gutierrez

"Mindblowing, profound, incredible, beyond my wildest expectations... amazing!!!"

Deanna had been battling with anxiety and digestive issues which got more difficult in the last 5-6 years. After just 2 ceremonies in 7 days, Deanna was healed!


“Enjoying the moment more… food tastes more powerful, more amazing, a hug feels more special” “Everything is more relishable!”

Meet Christelle, who felt really rejuvenated, peaceful and heart-centred from her iboga experience. Although she has been previously cautious and hesitant to take this type of plant medicine, she opened up to the experience and reaped some of the many benefits .

Reyes Hernández:

Parkinson’s Before Iboga 1

Mr. Reyes with Parkinson's had difficulty standing, sitting, walking and sleeping. You can see the pain on his face and the amount of effort it took. He was taking about 8 pills a day, from antidepresants, sleeping pills, to high blood pressure pills.

After the first ceremony he no longer needs any pills, after a few more ceremonies, he is able to walk strong & straight at the beach without a cane!

Reyes Hernández:

Parkinson’s Before Iboga 2

Reyes could only move his right arm with limited range and very slowly and with apparent pain. Not much strength on his hand/arm, he also walked very slowly, with a cane and was not able to stand stright

After a few ceremonies, he is able to move his arm with ease and even lift bricks with his right hand!

Reyes Hernández:

Parkinson’s After Iboga 1

After the first ceremony, he is able to sleep well, stand and sit without the pain, to walk almost without the cane and to move his arm without pain and fast! (after a few more ceremonies he freely walks at the beach and is able to lift briks)

Reyes also says goodbye to about 8 pills he was taking every day! Reyes is able to sleep well again naturally!

Reyes Hernández:

Parkinson’s After Iboga 2

Reyes is now strong and lifting bricks and in good spirits :)

He is still sleeping well and without any other medication!

Reyes Hernández:

Parkinson’s After Iboga 2

Reyes strong walking at the beach, without cane and happy :)


“Iboga retreat helped me overcome severe anxiety, depression, anhedonia and ptsd. I was prepared to take my life as I had become a burden to my family and I could not longer function. Fortunately, Iboga came in to the rescue. The providers were very caring as well and the wisdom they shared was invaluable as well”


"My Iboga experience was very healing as I released past traumas/pain, it was also very spiritual. I felt good with myself and with everyone, as if I was conected to all! My experience told me that everything is ok and that all decisions I made and will make, are ok, even the not so good ones, as it is all part of learning. Spiritually, months before the ceremony I saw the clouds shaped as “Te Amo” Spanish for “I Love You” , wish I had taken a picture! Iboga took me to the clouds, I saw the exact same “ Te Amo” and assured me that what I saw was real and that indeed, I was loved!"

Personal Stories from Iboga Experiences

Meet Brannon, who previously was a young athlete, and who turned to Iboga as a last resort. His powerful testimony describes how Iboga saved his life, cured his depression and anxiety, healed his concussions, as well as helped him connect with his soul and fully love himself. He realized what an incredible person he is, and was able to get rid of his thoughts and addictions that were not serving him, thus allowing him to live his best life! Amazing transformation in just 7 days!