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About Iboga

The Iboga plant medicine comes from the tabernanthe Iboga tree found throughout Western Africa. The part of the Iboga tree that is used for the Iboga medicine is found in the second layer of the root bark, which has the highest level of active alkaloids found in the plant (over 30 active alkaloids).

The use of Iboga as a plant medicine originates from Gabon, where it was first discovered by the Babongo people (also known as the Pygmies, though this name was given by the French and can be considered a derogatory term today). This plant provided guidance to the people, and everything that was learned became the Bwiti wisdom and culture. The preparation of the Iboga medicine by the Bwiti (shown in this video) is a very long process that involves lots of beautiful rituals and songs before the final product is ready to be provided.

Iboga is so highly valued that the government of Gabon has declared it a National Treasure. It’s reputation as a powerful healer on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, is causing the ancient secrets of Iboga and Bwiti, which are inseparable, to now spread around the world.

Just as the Iboga tree has roots that burrow into the earth, the Iboga root energy burrows deep into the root of where we became disconnected. It guides us to the center of our being, the place from which we can truly clear our blockages, traumas, and anxieties.

Iboga takes us on an inward journey to the truth within, where we can take the lessons and understand ourselves without judgement or attachment, and thus transmute and release our pain for good. Once released from our blocks, we can feel empowered to live life fully with alignment and truth.

Iboga is the only plant medicine that has a balance of both masculine and feminine energy, though it is commonly referred to as a Godfather of all plants, with its often very direct messages. Because of its masculine and feminine balance, however, it is very flexible to the needs of each person and adapts each experience specifically for what each person needs to heal. Iboga provides a reset to authenticity and simplicity in the self.

About Bwiti

The Bwiti tradition is all about the “Study of Life”, with the Iboga plant as the teacher giving direct experience and personal revelations. Everything that is Bwiti has come from the spirit of Iboga, or “the medicine”, as they call it.

The Bwiti people live on the west coast of Africa in Gabon. They have kept their traditional connection to the land and plant wisdom for thousands of years and have a rich culture with beautiful ceremonies full of intricate music, rituals, and dance. The Bwiti music and philosophy are integral to the Iboga ceremonial experience. Bwiti principles guide us in working with and interpreting the powerful messages Iboga has for us and the polyrhythmic shamanic healing music supports spiritual trance journeys.

In this video we have Luka, the 11th generation shaman in training, enjoying a traditional Bwiti dance. He is being trained by his grandfather, Moughenda Mikala, the 10th generation shaman, on healing techniques and ceremonies, thus keeping the tradition alive. In the Bwiti tradition, although anyone can train for over 10 years to become a shaman, shamanic training within a lineage always passes from grandfather to grandson.

Meet Our Provider

Welcome! I’m Miguel Armando Vidal.

I have fallen in love with the Bwiti tradition and Iboga as they are the teachers of truth within. The Iboga plant is both a healer and a teacher.
Iboga helped me when I went through a traumatic period in my life. Prior to this period, I used to be very successful and happy, but then a traumatic event sent me into the worst depression, anxiety, fear, and panic attacks. I even developed anhedonia and PTSD. Drinking and smoking heavily, I was considering suicide. I was not interested to spend many years in therapy.

Fortunately, during one of my sleepless nights I found out about Iboga. I was in such bad shape that I had a hard time getting out of the house, what to speak of flying to a retreat. My wife ensured I made it, though: packing my bags, arranging a covid test, finding my lost passport, and driving me to the airport. After the retreat, it was as if I was a new me with all my previous qualities but this time enhanced. In addition, I felt and looked rejuvenated, my heart was open again, not only to love others like my daughter, but also to love myself. I could not believe there was such an amazing and simple solution for various complicated conditions. I had to let people know about this! So I paid for some of my friends to go and heal and they were also amazed! My wife, who is normally averse to anything “psychodelic”, went for it too, and she found the Iboga experience very insightful & healing.

After so many wonderful experiences I wanted to help other people heal as well, so I decided to learn from the shaman who trained my own healer. Once again my wife packed my bags, though this time I could have done it myself. :) Off I went to Africa to train with the 10th generation Missoko Bwiti Shaman, Moughenda Mikala.

I am excited to have discovered something so powerful and to have the opportunity to be of service to share it and support others in healing. When people heal and find joy in their lives, it has a ripple effect for communities and future generations of children.

I am committed to facilitating your healing in the best possible way, and I am here for you, even if you are only curious. Please reach out and contact me anytime. It will be my pleasure to meet you and help you in any way I can!

Miguel Armando